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> Lawyer firm Bucharest Savulescu Cristina Elena

Law firm focused on providing excellent corporate and commercial advice and outstanding service to our clients.Conducts criminal and civil lawsuits, draws up legal documents, advises clients as to legal rights, and practices other phases of law: Gathers evidence in divorce, civil, criminal, and other cases to formulate defense or to initiate legal action. Conducts research, interviews clients and witnesses, and handles other details in preparation for trial. Prepares legal briefs, develops strategy, arguments, and testimony in preparation for presentation of case. Files brief with court clerk. Represents client in court and before quasi-judicial or administrative agencies of government. Interprets laws, rulings, and regulations for individuals and businesses. May act as trustee, guardian, or executor. May draft wills, trusts, transfer of assets, gifts, and other documents. May advise corporate clients concerning transactions of business involving internal affairs, stockholders, directors, officers, and corporate relations with general public



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